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Welcome to the website! Please note that here you will find all the necessary items for fishing, which can be selected and buy online at a low price. Cheap fishing tackle. For this angler there is everything you need for a successful bite. Always for regular customers and wholesalers promotions are held, but do not go unnoticed and newly arrived buyers! You will be able to get a personal discount just performing some terms of sale we Offer a huge list of products for beginners and professionals in fishing. Spinner MISP buy. Of course, what kind of fishing can be without a full set of gear and fishing lures for the fisherman. Not only have the necessary gear, have to be stock in case of emergency, the fishing line snapped, the hook is caught on a snag or a fish just ate your bait.

Fishing tackle

The main gear can be attributed to the following products: feeder, ground rod, carp tackle, spinning, rods and others. Fishing tackle must be kept clean, especially after fishing. The pike fishing lure. Training begins in the evening not to forget anything and not to spoil thus their pleasure. Check everything for fishing, whether spinning reel, dry Lee of the boat. Regardless of how you eat or go fishing, gear should be laid out into bags, cases and boxes. If winter fishing, it must be the box where the fisherman and sit and fish put. Volzhanka fishing products official website. Knitting knots on a scaffold, to think up self-made sinkers, all this takes a lot of time therefore networks on holes are checked at home, instead of stretch on the coast. Do not rush to carry home the catch, carefully assemble the gear to do extra work before the next campaign.

Is iommon in summer and winter gear

The summer. Float tackle-rods are telescopic, plug or solid, they are attached to the coil. Depending on the fish, the fisherman collects the rest of the components: fishing line, hooks, floats. Today plug fishing rod is the most common, it does not have to throw, it starts in the pond. The pike fishing lure. Its length can reach 16 meters, however, the cost of gear is very expensive. "Plug" fishermen should be in good physical shape. Spinning, like other fishing gear, the online store is ready to present in a huge range. To predator as bait used: jig, wobblers, etc. Spinning rods are different and have all their gear and bait. Special attention fishermen pay fishing line, in this case, a fishing line "braid". Various floats have different bright and dim colors, differ in the sizes and quality. Fishing rod to catch fish to buy. Online store fishing gear offers various kinds of coils, bottom gear, components of which are hooks and sinkers. Winter. Winter tackle are different and the description of each can be found in the appropriate section. Most fishermen prefer to catch on mormyshka where biting is seen when nod jig as if playing. Motor boats and boats. Along with the winter float tackle, the lure is a natural food - worms, bloodworms, etc. Winter fishing tackle shop. A more diverse catch. You can pick up gear is for the fish that lives in a particular area. Convenient and effective fishing. What is required of you?

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How to buy fishing gear?

In order to buy fishing gear, you need to leave a request on the site by filling out the appropriate form. Choose which gear you would like to buy. Do not worry, the existing discounts are automatically deducted from the final price of the order. Chinese fishing nets for 150 rubles to buy. Leave your exact details and be sure to phone number so that the seller can contact to clarify the delivery. Delivery is fast, on time, all the questions you can ask over the phone. Fishing will be perfect!

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